Beating the deadlines

Beating the deadlines Is there going to be further business during this transfer window by Philip Morrissey No matter what deadline it is that you are trying to chase, it is always the same.  Stuck in traffic and trying to make it in to work, submitting assignments for college or trying to dash down to […]

Charity begins at home

  Looking ahead to the game at Wembley by Philip Morrissey Three years ago, a new Manchester United manager, set out to mark the start of the season.  His side were to face opposition who had shocked the football establishment by winning one of the major trophies a few months previously.  Today marks a similar […]

No time for a false start

  No time for a false start Essential that the reds halt their traditional slow start to the season by Philip Morrissey ‘And all the participants are lined up and ready to go.  Months of preparation and training would have gone before them and now it is race time.  Pace is set to be key […]

The crucial 3 (5-2)?

THE CRUCIAL 3 (5-2)? The recent European Championships have said to be success for tactics, rather than technicality.  Players and teams were set up to make the best use of their resources.  Instructions were given about their particular role and how that benefitted the team.  Italy made use of this system to allow for the Juventus […]

Hanging on the telephone

HANGING ON THE TELEPHONE Those players who are yet to get that dreaded call from the boss.  Philip Morrissey There has been an accusation in the past of Manchester United’s inability to move out players that no longer had a role to play at the club, or were not likely to feature in the manager’s plans.  […]