Just an example of some of activities that I have taken part in away from work

  1. Running and organising buses from Cork to events across the country.  This to attend music events that were taking place in Limerick, Dublin and further afield.  At times it was due to the band in question not playing Cork, and at others it was to help Cork bands play venues up the country.  It allowed those going to relax on the way up and down.  The need to take on the cost of accommodation or leaving early was not required.  I took it on myself to organise the booking of the coach, the accumulation of names attending and the payment of the driver.
  2. Helping set up a poetry and writing college magazine in 2000.  This was whilst I was attending The University of Glamorgan.  It was a student project magazine that ran every year, mainly through those studying English.  I was involved in its compilation, promotion and design.  Unfortunately, as the workload of study increased in further years, I was unable to play much of part after that.
  3. Finishing as master junior champion with Kinsale Sea Angling Club on two occasions.  Kinsale has always had a strong tradition in terms of fishing throughout the years.  Visitors from all over the world have arrived in the town to fish in its waters due to its excellent reputation.  I was a member of the club for around 6 years at both junior and senior level.  It was always highly competitive, with many large weights being recorded.
  4. Winning a G.A.A British colleges championship in 2002.  Whilst I was at Glamorgan, I also played for the University G.A.A team.  It perhaps was not as well recognised as sports such as Rugby or Soccer but still managed to attract a large amount of players from Irish students and from elsewhere.  We took part in the British Championships in Birmingham and succeeded in winning the shield tournament that year.
  5. Helping set up and run a drama course based in Cork.  Through contact of a few associates of mine, I was responsible for organising the PanaDrama group.  It allowed people that had never acted before to come along to train pieces and practice techniques.  Along with this, it provided an opportunity to come to meet new people and have fun doing it.  Scripts had been written for a play we were going to put on but due to financial reasons, it was unable to take place.