Íweriú: 26/10/12

This was another of the Fred’s 15th birthday gigs.  Unfortunately I missed subsequent bands, I’ll Eat Your Face and headliners Hope is Noise.


Íweriú are an extremely tight outfit now at this stage.  Plenty of live dates in Cork and around the country have seen to this.  Elements of drone, doom, sludge, hardcore and black metal all permeate the sound on stage, making the band somewhat difficult to pigeon-hole.  Is it possible to describe them as being a progressive rock band?  They certainly have elements of it.  Their bassist James and drummer Steve provides the stable basis for the rest of the band to explore the more elemental and spacey aspects of their music in the same way that perhaps Lemmy and Simon King would have provided for Hawkwind.

Steve’s shear enthusiasm reminds one of a younger Dave Grohl at times. Jurij crouches behind the laptop providing the necessary backing tracks to the noise taking place on stage and occasionally gives a back-up on vocals with bug-eyed shrieks.  Liam Hughes is the main vocalist and he spends the vast majority of the gig off-stage in the gathered crowd.  He gives a harsher, bleaker sound to the band.  The main songs (or movements if you will) are derived from their current demo tracks released on band camp, Church of the Bleeding Knees, and new track As the planets Align.

At various stages, they seem to be trying to exercise some sort of inner demons.   Griff punches on his guitar, Hughes smacks the microphone off the stage, second guitarist Fitzy, bends down in the corner for what seems like some sort of personal excise.  When the band clicks in this matter, it all seems like a sort of lost Krautrock band or even someone like Soft Machine in their most primitive state.

Catch them whilst you can…



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