For Ruin: 29/09/12

This was taking place as part of the Fred’s 15th series of gigs.  The previous night had seen Shardborne play with support from the likes of fat actress.  If that was all about up and coming talent, then tonight is about appreciating the efforts of a more established act.

Fred Zeppelins

First off though was Cork-based Polish/Irish outfit Deepenmind.  Predominately Polish but fronted by Kerry native, Damien Slattery.  Mixing a blend from their influences such as Progressive acts like Mesuggah, Gojira, The Faceless, and Tool, grove metal acts like Machine Head, Pantera and latter day nu-metal acts like Slipknot, Mudvayne and Mushroom Head, they are a pretty relentless outfit.  Damien is in especially tetchy mood on-stage tonight, shouting at the crowd to create a mosh-pit and spitting off-stage.  Not spitting at anyone in particular mind you.  There seems to be an especially younger and slightly over-excitable.  The music is good though.  Tracks like Kill you where you stand, powder for breakfast, Debt collector (as featured on the recent drop-d compilation), new track The lies that you hold onto and Gojira cover Blow me away You (niverse).   Eden Rots really allows guitarists Pawel Janus and Marcin Kwidzinski to stretch out their talents.  Hopefully the up-coming EP release for them, Zygote, manages to get a physical release along with being put up on bandcamp early next year.


Next up is Limerick instrumental outfit, Dark Matter.  It might be easy to make comparisons to fellow Limerick outfit, Shardborne, but they are a much different outfit.  They combine the traditional guitar/bass/drums with sequenced backing tracks and keyboards.  In the wrong hands, this can sound abysmal.  When carefully managed and played with precision like this band, then the result is pretty stunning.  Combining elements of gothic metal, electronica and progressive rock, the band easily make an impression on those gathered.  Although only active in the past 2 years, the band has played a lot of dates already in that time and it shows.  Perhaps at time it needs a bit of variety but when the band hit their peak in tracks like Compression Syndrome and The Persistence of Memory.  They have recently released their debut album “A place of memories and ghosts” and it is well worth picking up.


It is hard to believe that For Ruin have actually been going for nearly ten years now.  They don’t look like they are likely to rest on their laurels though.  What had initially started off as being a solo project for guitarist, John Murphy, gradually developed into something more tangible.  It has taken quite a few comings and goings to come to the line-up that they have at the moment but it has all been amicable.  The band is united by the love of bands such as Amorphis, Death, Morbid Angel, Katatonia, Paradise Lost, Rotting Christ and At the Gates.  Indeed, they along with Con Doyle on bass and former drummer Steve O’Connell, they had been performing under the guise of Lost Paradise as a Paradise Lost tribute band.

The absence of Peter Alcorn tonight (he is playing with Alestorm on their tour with Dragonforce), means that O’Connell is filling in as he did on their last album.  The line-up as it stands at the moment was completed last year when Ronan Hayes joined as a guitarist.  Tonight provides a good opportunity for the band to get back playing again after a bit of an absence and a chance for them to road test some new material that they are working on.  And from these ears, these new tracks do sound quite impressive.  It would certainly be welcome to have another album release from them following on from their last release in 2009.  These tracks are interspersed with more recognisable material from both December and Last Light.  Towards an end, Decline, Solace and Towards an end are all given an airing.  It is especially good to hear a track like In Suffering which has been knocking around since their early EP days.  Which went down extremely well with the gathered crowd.

Hopefully it will not be too long before they grace our stage again.


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