My name is Philip Morrissey.  I am a freelance journalist, based in Cork City.

Having had direct experience in the industry through various radio stations in Cork, I believe that I can provide the knowledge and skills that I have gained.  I also have done freelance reviews of concerts and albums.  Examples of shows that I have been involved with, along with some of these reviews are available for viewing.

The areas that I would be most adapt at would be that of sports, music and news.  I regularly attend live sporting events, namely soccer and G.A.A.  I also take a keen interest in sports like wrestling and boxing.  Sports is an area that can provoke a lot of emotion but sometimes it pays to keep a cool head..Having been a music fan since an early age, I have pretty firm ideas on what is worthy and what is not.  I am familiar to most on the local music scene and have been involved in gig promotion and coordination previously.  I have always been interested in current affairs and politics, at both a local level and beyond.

Through a masters degree that I am involved with at the moment, I have gained a lot of personal and practical skills that I feel would also be a benefit to you.  I would welcome the opportunity to prove myself to you.

Feel free to contact me for further details






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